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Skilled And Driven Personal Injury Representation

After someone causes you to suffer a personal injury or you were hurt while working, obtaining the compensation you need to cover the costs of your injuries is an essential measure that calls for your best effort. Hiring an attorney can help you reach the ideal outcome in your case, but you want to be sure you choose the right legal representation for you.

At the Law Office of Daniel D. Bernstein in Iowa City, you can find a personal injury attorney with decades of experience. Attorney Bernstein has been helping clients maximize their injury settlements for more than 20 years, and he is ready to help you through your claim as well. You can learn more about his experience here:

Committed And Personalized Guidance

Attorney Bernstein sets himself apart from other law firms by maintaining regular and personal communication with his clients. He limits the cases he accepts to ensure he is giving each of his clients the attention they need, and he is always directly available to them.

By working so closely with you, Mr. Bernstein can develop a custom-tailored strategy to help provide you with the resources you need to recover from your injuries. He takes on the lion’s share of the work in your case, including searching for other possible liable parties, gathering supporting evidence, and negotiating with insurance agents on your behalf.

Rest Easy With An Experienced Attorney At Your Side

If you are ready to work with someone you can trust to fight for the best interests in your case, contact Mr. Bernstein today. Call him at 319-337-5500 or email him here. He offers free initial consultations and only works on a contingency basis. Schedule your initial consultation and begin fighting for the compensation you need.